Terms and conditions


1.1 Terms and Conditions ( ´´ TC ´´ ) customize juridical relationships between natural persons and legal entities the parties concerned about services purchase  ( ´´ Parties Concerned ´´ ) or legal entities- tennis clubs, resorts, academies ( ´´ TF ´´ ) on one side and ForU, s.r.o. company, with residence in Zápotočná 1, Skalica, Slovakia, IČO 47146478, written on Provincial court business register in Trnava, Slovakia at department of  Sro, part n. 31620/T, ( ´´ Tennisservis ´´) on second side.

1.2. Tennisservis operates its own tennis website -  www.tennisservis.com (further  just „Website"),  where provides mediations for selling services, commercial services, advertising and other services  according to actual offer (further just „Services").

1.3.ForU, s.r.o. mediates on its website www.tennisservis.com services and services sale for specific TF on the base of free registration and does it through its own selling and reservation system. ForU s.r.o. company’s goal is to provide easier access to information about sport services and following realization of Services sale or realization of reservations Services for Concerned Persons and also to facilitate TF offer and Services sale by the mediation of website www.tennisservis.com

1.4. TF is legal entity providing services in sport area, specifically in reservations and court hiring and other services that are usually provided to tennis club and resorts customers.

1.5. Service for Concerned persons is to provide mediation for reservation and court hiring in specified TF by the medium of website Tennisservis.com. Concerned person does not pay commission to Tenisservis.com for mediation of purchasing service.

1.6. Service for TF is an offer possibility and sale of tennis court hiring and other services by the medium of website Tennisservis.com. Website Tennisservis.com receives provision from TF  for mediation of TF services sale to concerned persons in amount 10% for each hour sold through Reservation system on website www.tennisservis.com. This provision will be charged with VAT by-law valid in Slovak Republic. TF does not pay any activating fee or monthly rental fee.  The reward for mediation of services sale is automatically count off TF online reservation profit. The reward for mediation of Services sale is automatically count off TF online reservation profit and will be billing up to 30 days of following month.

1.7. TF administrator is allowed to use reservation system on website www.tennisservis.com for free.

2.1. ForU, s.r.o. provides mediation of services sale to TF benefit and therefore receives financial profit in TF name and account from Concerned Persons in amount of purchased Service price. Concerned Person enters law relationship with particular TF by payment of Service price, it est Service purchased by mediation of website www.tennisservis.com.

2.2. Information about provided services is publicized on website www.tennisservis.com. TF agreed with publication of its contact data and offers its services on website www. tennisservis.com.

2.3. Tennisservis does not vouch for services date change. Tennisservis has no duty to take control if particular TF realizes and provides services and is not responsible and does not guarantee and does not take any responsibility for provided Services realization or occasional Service time change. Law relationship between TC and Concerned Person modify valid terms and conditions and operating rules of specific TF.

2.4. Tennisservis as a website operator is not responsible if services data publicized on website by TF are accurate, complete and actual. Tennisservis will make an announcement through its website if receive any information from TF about change or cancelation of provided Service.  


3.1.  Concerned Person of purchased Service can use Service to one-time entrance according to accurately defined term in duration of Service purchased.

3.2. Concerned Person has a duty to check his Services Order and Confirmation about Service payment and data immediately after payment for Service price and obtaining Confirmation about purchased Service  or after receiving email notification or printing Confirmation by own printer and occasional mistakes immediately reclaim according this Terms and Conditions.
3.3. Concerned Person is permitted to use Service only for reasons to which has been assigned. Every other Services use is prohibited

3.4. Concerned Person expresses agreement to TF operating rules related to purchased Service by showing Confirmation about Service Payment when enter TF facility.

4.1. TF is justified to enter its data during registration. These data includes: Opening hours, number of tennis courts, court surface, price list, tennis camp advertising, photo gallery, contact information, services, number of players, number of coaches, name of head coach and news that can be shared with Concerned Persons.

4.2. Tennisservis provides to TF possibility of Reservation system use altogether with statistics on website www.tennisservis.com.  TF profit from online and offline court hire sale is displayed in reservation form together with statistics.

4.3. TF Reservation form and statistics are instrumental to Tennisservis account reward for mediation of services sale.

4.4. TF can activate Sponsored links in part “My profile” for fee assigned by Tennisservis price list displayed on www.tennisservis.com for delimited time period after its registration. TF and its data can be displayed in the first row according to searching options of Concerned Persons by activation of Sponsored links. TF will be displayed in the row assigned for Sponsored links right after paid fee for the Service.   TF will be accidentally displayed to  Concerned Persons in the first row by each click made by Concerned Person if there will be more than 4 TF in particular city or country.

4.5. Monthly income for TF Services mediated by website www.tennisservis.com will be paid off by noncash brought over to TF bank account up to 30 days of following month after deduction of reward for mediation to tennisservis as it is noted in part 1.6. in this Terms and Conditions.

4.6. Payment currency for TF price list will be set during registration process by TF.

4.7. Registered TK can activate its reservation system in these currencies only: EUR, USD, and CZK.


5.1. Services are not operator company services.  Services and use of Services have a valid RULES AND CONDITIONS of particular TF as a provider of particular Service.

5.2. Services offer and its use may be limited by influence of weather conditions, circumstances of the year period consequences and so on. TF retain in the right if TF change time of offered Service in case that there will be reasons appeared that limit this offered Service. TF is obligated to announce these facts to Tennisservis and TF is obligated to inform Concerned Persons of purchased service by the medium of website about change, cancelation, alternate date and time or about place and time where Services price will be returned. Concerned Person of purchased Service has no right to ask for any alternative or discount if has not participate or has not used a new Service date proposed and also does not have any right for any other expenses refund (traveling to Services provided place, accommodation, food and so on).

5.3. When Service CHANGED – lower coverage of provided Service, than coffers presenting part of the Services price returns in amount defined by TF must to be returned directly by TF in 3 working days after Service execution according to agreement with TF.

5.4. When Service CHANGED coffers for Service price must to be return after TF Service cancelation without any unnecessary delay as soon as public announcement has been provided. Concerned Persons of paid Services can require money back for Service price due-time 14 days since realization of planned Service. Place, time and process for Service price return will be determined by Tennisservis and will be announced by the medium of website.


6.1. Service can be booked by Concerned Person by the medium of website Tennisservis.com

6.2. Validity of reservation is 15 min from its realization unless Tennisservis does not determine a different time. If Concerned Person does not accomplish payment of Booking Service until 15 min after realization of Reservation than Tennisservis is authorized to cancel this Reservation.

6.3. This service reservation is allowed to be realized personally only (manually), by the medium of self-registration. Application of any automatic systems or functions for making reservations is forbidden. Any automatic reservations will be removed without warning and Concerned Persons who have created these automatic reservations will be denied from access on website www.tennisservis.com.

6.4. Once Service has been purchased it is not possible to withdraw from the contract with TF and it is not possible to ask money back for Service (act regulation n.108/2000 Collection of laws about consumer protection for pending home sale and mail order sale are services provided contracts for free time in which vender obligates to provide service in agreed time or agreed time-limit/id est purchase contract of Service/does not relate).Withdrawal from settlement and confirmed Service, will not be accepted by ForU s.r.o. company. Also it is not possible to ask money back for unused Service.


7.1. Concerned Person can pay for reservation system by the medium of website www.tennisservis.com only.

7.2. An amount for reservation Service can be paid in payment currency according to Reservation form by VISA and EUROCARD/MASTERCARD by the medium of Trust Pay a.s. company. .


8.1. In case of legal defect of Service (id est missing data on order Confirmation according to part 2. Of these Terms and Conditions or more precisely contains wrong data, is exposed to different TF and so on), is Concerned Person of purchased Service obligated immediately after receipt to reclaim this legal defect of Service to ForU s.r.o. company by sending email at the address info@tennisservis.com. (reclaims sent to different email address will not be accepted as appeal!) or by writing reclaim sent to a mail at the address  Zápotočná 1, Skalica, 90901, Slovakia .  Added legal defects will not be accepted.

8.2.  ForU s.r.o. company will send its statement to Concerned Person of purchased Service in 3 working days from legal defect delivery and will propose elimination of legal defect to Concerned Person (will send new Confirmation about Service) in case of legal defect of Service administrative claim by email or mail. Legal defect of Service will not be accepted after Service using or Service cancelation.

8.3. Concerned Person is obligated to ask for information about way, place and time of money return on website www.tennisservis.com in case of Service change or Service cancelation. Concerned Person of purchased Service will send appeal to service price return by email at the address info@tennisservis.com (reclaims sent to different email address will not be accepted as appeal!) or mail to Zápotočná 1, Skalica 90901, Slovakia if forU s.r.o. company announce money return for purchased service.  There must to be relevant document added to ForU s.r.o. company account (payment details) in order to appeal for money return online, Service and account number where you ask money to be sent for canceled/changed Service.

8.4. ForU s.r.o. is not responsible for TF neither for service; contract relationship is concluded between TF and Concerned Person, who is obligated to obey TF rules. There is no refund for any other expenses (transport to provided Service place, accommodation, food and so on).


9.1. ForU s.r.o. company, as a contractual partner of particular TF, in relation with Services offered directly in line with regulation § 10 act n. 428/2002 Collection of laws about private data protection gain and process personal data from Concerned Persons of purchased Services  at the first place like name, surname, address, phone/email contact, dignity in some case, date of birth and all for obligated-juridical relation purposes of Concerned Persons and TF in relation with Service purchase on this or those particular tennis clubs and resorts for purpose of documentation particular TF operations, and for commercial and marketing reasons   (marketing act or marketing questionnaire) of forU s.r.o. company and particular TF. Providing personal data is optional. ForU s.r.o. company will enable gained data for TF reasons mentioned above in order to provide particular Service to which data have been gained for.

9.2. By Service purchase Concerned Person of Service purchase dispense in sense of regulation § 7 act n. 428/2002 Collection of laws about private data protection dispenses his agreement to ForU s.r.o. company and to particular TF to process private data for reason mentioned above. Concerned Person of purchased service rights according to regulation § 20 act n. 428/2002 Collection of laws about private data protection are maintained.

9.3.  ForU s.r.o. company pledges to save gained, private data in front of accidental or lawless damage, accidental lost damage, change, unpermitted access or declassify same as in front of other unpermitted forms of its processing according to regulation § 15 act n. 428/2002 Collection of laws about private data protection.

9.4. ForU s.r.o. company pledges to keep secrecy about gained private data according to regulation § 18 law n. 428/2002 Collection of laws about private data protection.
Concerned Person dispenses agreement with ForU s.r.o. company Terms and Conditions by purchase and use of its Service.


10.1. Non-validity of any of these Terms and Conditions or potential inconsistency of content does not affect non-validity of all Terms and Conditions. In case that some of these regulations in Terms and Conditions will become ineffective the rest of them will stay effective.

10.2. These Terms and Conditions are available on website www.tennisservis.com.

10.3. ForU s.r.o.  company is unilaterally authorized to change or add regulations in Terms and Conditions. Any change or complement of Terms and Conditions is effective by the day of publishing this new Terms and Conditions on www.tennisservis.com.

10.4. All relations undefined by these Terms and Conditions are conformed by obligated rules according to Slovak Republic legislation.

10.5. Contract parties agreed to manage legal relationships created by these Terms and Conditions or arise from relation to these Terms and Conditions or arise under authority of these Terms and Conditions will be regulated under Slovak Republic legislation according to regulation with § 9 part 1 act n. 97/1963 Collection of international low in private and adjective expression of later rules that govern ( ,,MPS,, ) valid in Slovak Republic. Tennisservis, TF and Concerned Persons agreed with regulation§ 37e part. 1 Act about MPS accepted by these Terms and Conditions to solve any disputes in relation to these Terms and Conditions including its validity disputes, effectiveness and definition under command of Slovak Republic jurisdiction. All disputes arise from these Terms and Conditions including its validity, definition or conclusion will be matter of judgment to given court in Slovak Republic.

10.6. These Terms and Conditions are valid from 1.2.2014

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