A sparring partner for everybody

For each player we have found a way how to get a partner for tennis game no matter where she or he is. All she or he needs to do is to register as an active or amateur player and fill in a profile. Additionally, there is a need to find a place and a player for a game. A chosen player must to be contacted and place and date of the game need to be understood. Information about players are accessible to register players only.

The active players 

An active player is a player, most ordinary of children’s or teen’s age, who practice under attendance of a coach. We have made this service in order to create an amount of sparing partners for young players. We believe that a good sparing partner might elevates player’s game to higher level. An active player’s profile can be created by parent. Portal tennisservis.com is not responsible for game meetings arranged by children without parents permission.

Competition for amateurs’ players only

This is a new competition for amateur players who can challenge each other. Matches results can be saved in player’s profile. A player can rise or fall in ranking according to his or her results. This competition can play registered players only.

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